At the Lanistae Academy in Los Altos we have programs to accommodate ANY ONE! From kids classes that start at the age of 4 to our Advanced program we have a curriculum specially designed to meet your needs. All beginners start in the Fundamental program! All of our classes are taught by IBJJF sanctioned and certified Instructors!


This Fundamental classes were designed by Ares Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Based off Ares white to blue curriculum, we take a systematic approach that makes learning fun and easy. If you are a beginner with little or no experience this is the class for you! Here you will learn the basic movements, positions, and concepts that are essential for Jiu-Jitsu. We believe in “basics” and strongly encourage advanced students to participate. This is a traditional Gi class and is an hour long.


This Advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program is our main group class. Although it’s designed for people with more experience, we encourage beginners to try this program. The advanced program includes drilling and live sparring (rolling) with an emphasis on technique. This class is at least an hour long and students are NOT obligated to participate or stay for the whole class. The use of a Gi is mandatory in this class.


This “No-Gi” class is designed for beginners and advanced students and consists of basic traditional Jiu Jitsu technics adapted to make up for the lack of a uniform to grab. Students will learn how to take down, hold down and apply joint locks to submit opponents who are not wearing a Gi. Class consists of warm-ups, technics, drilling and rolling (live training). This class is an excellent way to transition your Jiu Jitsu technics into self-defense.  Students must wear the shorts and a rash guard uniform to attend this class