Pan American Championship 2018

The Pan American Championship has ended after 4 days of tough battles.We are bringing home 3 new Pan American Champions, and 3 Bronze medalists! Back to work tomorrow at the academy to improve ourselves once again, always. Congrats to everyone that competed and put themselves on the line to test their skills and abilities in the most tense of situations 




No Gi Worlds

The 2017 year has come and gone, but not without the final huge tournament of the year- Worlds No Gi in Anaheim this past December. We brought 7 competitors with us and walked away with 5 podium appearances, including a World Champion! It’s amazing and so rewarding to see everyone’s hard work pay off. Each competitor set goals and met them, even without reaching the podium. Everyone is hungry for more and we know that 2018 will bring more competition for all our students! 


All photos by Alex Barcelona and Mike Calimbas  



Over the weekend we had competitors from ages 4 to 45 years old testing their skills at the BJJ Tour, US Open tournament. 

We are so proud of our kids that were brave enough to compete. They all did so well, and reached every goal they set for themselves. Whether it’s big progress or small, it’s consistency that counts and they proved to themselves on Saturday just that. 

We also had many adults competing at all belt levels. They prepared well for this tournament and over half that competed walked away with medals. We are proud regardless, and the motivation is at an all time high right now! Congrats to everyone!  


Another weekend, another tournament

Hello all! We had an extremely successful weekend for our whole ARES BJJ family. In San Francisco our wonderful and dedicated kids competed at Jiu jitsu World Leage. Walking away after several matches with medals ranging from gold to bronze. Each of them had their own victories within their set goals, beyond just winning- and we couldn't be more proud of them. 


In Mexico City our adult ARES team, along with Milton fought the IBJJF Mexico City Open and all walked away with huge victories. First place in gi, no gi and absolutes. Because they were so successful, the team of 10 were able to place third in overall. 


Thank you to all all of our ARES family for challenging yourself every day. Whether you are a competitor, train for fun, or a family memeber of an ARES teammate- everyone plays a roll.   




Master Worlds

Master Worlds has come and gone. All our hard work and prep proved us well. Not everyone walked away with a medal around their neck but we also all advanced to the next rounds of fights. We are so proud of all our students who put it out on the line and set goals, reached them or fell short of them. All in due time and with each loss we gain knowledge and more drive for the next one. Thank you for always sticking with us and we truly are a team.


Little did people know, when Milton was dropping weight for Berkut in May and June for his July fight- we had discussed the possibility of continuing the weight cut all the way to rooster for Master Worlds. In the beginning it seemed like such a far off idea that it was almost impossible (20 pounds impossible) But as the weeks crept closer and when he weighed in at 132 in Russia, the decision was finalized. Rooster weight worlds- HERE WE COME!

It wasn't a pretty sight and the process sometimes felt daunting. Between Whatsapp conversations with his doctors in Brazil, the grocery shopping list, the vitamins to level himself out and the weighing of each specifically portioned meal was a vicious cycle. Wake up, run 4 miles, teach, train, private lessons, teach, train, work out, run again, eat, sleep and REPEAT



BULLET PROOF COFFEE, specifically. 

then, the day before his fights on Thursday, dropping the last 5 pounds in the bathtub, over the course of 4 hours. Its a grueling process that not many people see, believe or can do. but it is possible, and we made it possible. 

Thursday was here, and 12:50pm approached us. First fight- a win

Second fight was about 30 minutes later.... a win

And finally, the third and final fight was an hour later. Nothing was going to stop him from this last win. There was too much on the line. And with that in mind, he reached his goal and became the 2017 Rooster Weight Master World Champion. Just like that.

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Van The Man

Last weekend we had our good friend Van Mendoza stop by to shoot some video and photos for us. He did not disappoint. Check out some of the photos below! Video will be coming soon. All the photos can be found at  


BJJ TOUR-American Cup

Last weekend we were in San Francisco competing at the BJJ Tour American Cup and so many came home with medals. Of the ten competitors we had, six walked away with gold medals and two with bronze. Jiu Jitsu is about learning and growing. Every day each of us work on our own techniques that need sharpening. We are happy to see the progress of everyone at the academy. 


Here are a few photos of our competitors  


Pan American Championship Results

The Pan American Championship was a 4 long day event with Milton Bastos competitors on each day. We came as a team and left as a team. Purple belts went first and there were no easy matches for our adult male division. Our students were able to fix their mistakes and are already looking ahead to the next two tournaments. Next were our blue belts who fought equally as hard; fighting until the finals and two ended up going home with gold and silver. We also had two amazing brown belts making their Pans debut. One lost in the quarter finals and the other took home bronze.

All of our students worked incredibly hard and showed so much heart in every single one of their fights. We are so proud of all the progress everyone is making. Back to the lab to correct our mistakes and we are all looking forward to the full competition schedule for the year.   

Up next is Jiu Jitsu World League this weekend, followed quickly by BJJ TOUR American Cup just two weeks after that on April 8 and 9. IBJJF Worlds is soon after in June and then on to Master Worlds. 

We are ready

Pan American Camp

March 1 marked 15 days until the Pan American Championship. With 12 competitors from our academy going to Irvine to compete, the focus has been grooming and preparing them. We couldn't have done it without all the other students as well. They are coming day in and day out as our training partners with all the encouragement on our side. We are all in this together. The 7pm class was revamped (sorry to all the new students who were thrown into comp training). What used to be advanced technique class with ample drilling time was thrown aside and replaced with quick- 20 second speed drills with 4 reps each. Then 3-3-3 shark rolls, 10 minute rounds and 1 minute rounds as well on any given day. All of this was designed to help prepare us for multiple fights, strategic game play and endurance. This weekend is the last before we leave on Wednesday and I can confindently say that everyone is more than prepared. Our physical and mental mindset is there. Now it's just time to press PLAY