Ares BJJ Association

They say everything happens for a reason, and whether that is your philosophy or not, Ares BJJ Association grew from an idea into an action, into a reality. The four founding members, all with lasting impacts on this great sport of Jiu Jitsu have just opened their doors, wide, to their new association and are ready to show the world who they are. 

Ares BJJ is putting family at the forefront. Their mission is to bring jiu jitsu to the next level and change lives. However, they have made one point very clear; and that is that they don't just want affiliations, they want family member. A sense of home and community was the most important and driving force when launching the association. With three-fourths of the founding member coming from the same association prior to this; Samir Chantre, Milton Bastos and Quiexinho Minzinho vowed to be different. Friendship turns into family members, not business transactions. 

There was much hype and speculation on what Quiexinho's free seminar could be about at Samir's academy. And it was just as fun and exciting as everyone thought it would be. Complete with promotions, the announcement, a seminar and even a party after.  Not to mention, homemade Brazilian cake, that was eaten up so fast not even a two year old could snatch it with his bare hands. There were over 100 people in one place with one cause. Many arrived as strangers, but left as friends and acquaintances and are now bonded for a lifetime.



All photos by Alex Barcelona Photography