Pan American Camp

March 1 marked 15 days until the Pan American Championship. With 12 competitors from our academy going to Irvine to compete, the focus has been grooming and preparing them. We couldn't have done it without all the other students as well. They are coming day in and day out as our training partners with all the encouragement on our side. We are all in this together. The 7pm class was revamped (sorry to all the new students who were thrown into comp training). What used to be advanced technique class with ample drilling time was thrown aside and replaced with quick- 20 second speed drills with 4 reps each. Then 3-3-3 shark rolls, 10 minute rounds and 1 minute rounds as well on any given day. All of this was designed to help prepare us for multiple fights, strategic game play and endurance. This weekend is the last before we leave on Wednesday and I can confindently say that everyone is more than prepared. Our physical and mental mindset is there. Now it's just time to press PLAY