BJJ TOUR-American Cup

Last weekend we were in San Francisco competing at the BJJ Tour American Cup and so many came home with medals. Of the ten competitors we had, six walked away with gold medals and two with bronze. Jiu Jitsu is about learning and growing. Every day each of us work on our own techniques that need sharpening. We are happy to see the progress of everyone at the academy. 


Here are a few photos of our competitors  


Pan American Camp

March 1 marked 15 days until the Pan American Championship. With 12 competitors from our academy going to Irvine to compete, the focus has been grooming and preparing them. We couldn't have done it without all the other students as well. They are coming day in and day out as our training partners with all the encouragement on our side. We are all in this together. The 7pm class was revamped (sorry to all the new students who were thrown into comp training). What used to be advanced technique class with ample drilling time was thrown aside and replaced with quick- 20 second speed drills with 4 reps each. Then 3-3-3 shark rolls, 10 minute rounds and 1 minute rounds as well on any given day. All of this was designed to help prepare us for multiple fights, strategic game play and endurance. This weekend is the last before we leave on Wednesday and I can confindently say that everyone is more than prepared. Our physical and mental mindset is there. Now it's just time to press PLAY 


Pssst!! The word is out! We received a lovely email late last year that we had been awarded the Excellence in Small Business for Martial Arts in the city of Mountain View. We are beyond humbled. We want to thank every one of our students for their wonderful support and the grind, day in and out. This is a team effort and without the students, we wouldn't be here today. We now have the plaque to display in our academy! Please don't ever hesitate to stop by, swing by, come hang out or try a class with us... chances are, you'll end up staying for awhile 

Rumble in the Redwoods 2017


This past weekend our students fought at Rumble In The Redwoods and had great success! They were driven, methodical and precise. We had 10 students compete Five of them walked away with gold medals, and 4 students closed their divisions with gold and silver! Great job to everyone. This was a nice warm up before Pans! 


Thanks for the group photo Eric!  


Jiu Jitsu World League

We are SO proud of all our students who signed up and competed this past weekend at Jiu Jitsu World Leauge! Everyone put it all out on the line and fought so well. All your hard work of training is paying off and it SHOWS! As a team, ARES BJJ came in second place for adult and masters gi. And on Sunday ARES BJJ came in first place! These are huge accomplishments for our young association that isn't even one year old yet. Thank you again, because without you guys, we wouldn't have anything 


here are some highlight photos from the tournament. Lance Emery and Alex Barcelona Photography  




Marcus Antelante Seminar

I'm a pleased to announce we will host our first seminar taught by Marcus Antelante.

Space limited reserve your spot soon 

Little bit about Marcus:

Houston Open Champion

Boston Open Champion 

Dallas Open Champion

World No Gi Third Place

US. Open Champion

Art made by ETC Creatework

Families Training Together

These days we are so busy with work and our other obligations we can't enjoy our family and get in shape and we realize we must pick one.

But why not do both at the same time ? 

With brazilian jiu jitsu we can have passion and enjoy our family together. 

This weekend was an awesome weekend to exemplify it, my son and I competed and then my students Arturo Vega and his son Gino Vega fought. This just made me realize how awesome BJJ is and how it unites us with our loved ones. It doesn't matter if we win or lose what's important is staying connected and making new friends from our team Caio Terra Association these guys are like family, supporting us, coaching us, or just being there to hangout. 



Grand Opening

We are pleased to announce the oficial Grand Opening of Milton Bastos Academy in Mountain View.

There will be several Black Belts in attendance and soon others confirm I will let everyone know. 

OSS clothing will also be there raffling off a free OSS gi and T-shirts. Come down, EVERYONE is welcome

Share and tag your friends and come train and join the party.

Labor Day Open Mat

If guys don't have anything to do tomorrow like me, come over for open mat 6:30 pm @ 175 E. El Camino Real, Mountain View, 94040

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